Is That Dog Really Dancing?

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Any human with two left feet will be very jealous of this dog after watching the following short clip. A stray dog is caught moving to a catchy Latin rhythm while walking on the street. We’re not sure if this is how the dog usually walks (why would he?) or if he just heard his favorite tune and decided to dance, but he seems to be enjoying the day and the beat anyhow.

If the video below doesn’t play, you can watch it here.

108 thoughts on “Is That Dog Really Dancing?”

  1. How is this funny! I didn’t expect this from LifeWithDogs. You should do your research before posting something. The poor dog is clearly having some neurological issues, most likely a chronic side effect of Distemper. You really shouldn’t be making this video viral for the wrong reasons. I hope someone in Brazil actually steps up to help the poor stray.


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