It took 320 days but Dixie finally has a forever home

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dixieDixie finally has a home, after spending nearly a year in a Phoenix animal shelter, being passed over for adoption time and time again.  She is not scary, or dangerous, or bad with kids, in fact she is great with kids.  She may not be the cutest of the bunch though and sometimes it is the dogs that don’t stand out that have to wait the longest.  But Dixie’s long wait is over.

The Australian cattle dog mix is very sweet and has endeared herself to all of the shelter staff.  “We’ve all spent quite a bit of time with her because she’s been here so long,” said Michelle Ramos, director of education for the Arizona Animal Welfare League. “Many of our volunteers are attached to her, as well. Everybody is hoping and crossing their fingers that she finds the right place to live.”

Last week Dixie was profiled on a local TV station and that is when her family spotted her and came to her rescue at long last.  Like many dogs, she loves to cuddle and she loves car rides and she is very well behaved.  Dixie doesn’t bite people and has no history of poor behaviour, and is actually well trained.  So why wasn’t she adopted sooner?  Perhaps she was just waiting for just the right family to take her home and give her the life she deserves and give something special back to them as well.

There are many other dogs awaiting adoption in Dixie’s shelter and hundreds of others.  So, when you go to have look for a dog or cat, take your time, notice the “Dixie’s”, the ones that don’t stand out.  Take a moment and give them a second look, sometimes they just need a little coaxing to come out of their shells and they may be the perfect match for your life.