It’s Me or the Dog – One Chubby Chihuahua

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Victoria Stilwell travels to the Big Apple to visit Jill Zarin of the Real Housewives of New York City. Her chihuahua Ginger has taken over her home by barking at guests and even biting her daughter. What’s worse is that Ginger is extremely overweight, and Victoria has found out why – she’s being spoiled rotten.

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8 thoughts on “It’s Me or the Dog – One Chubby Chihuahua”

  1. Jill Zarin wasn’t the only useless human on display in this pathetic show. Stilwell was every bit as miserable. Blaming the dog’s behavior on the dog’s bad knee was ridiculous. Blaming the dog’s bad behavior on its bad diet was ridiculous. Having Zarin remove the dog from the party instead of Correcting the dog was a total admission of the abject failure of her feed-it-a-cookie nonsensical approach to behavior modification. The visiting dogs knew Stilwell was a fraud and PEED on her — what clearer way of communicating utter disdain for this charlatain could they provide? Followers of Cesar Millan are truly saddened when they see how Stilwell leaves behind the same chaos she entered, with the poor owner not one whit the wiser for the several days of interaction with her. This dog’s problems were trivial, training the owner would have been straightforward if done by someone with actual dog-psychology Knowledge, and one can only wonder how this self-righteous ignoramous keeps getting Animal Planet to showcase her. Blech!

  2. OMG!! This is one, adorable little Porkchop!! Shame on you, owner, you should know better! She will eat whatever you give her… dogs are easily conditioned.. did you need Victoria Stillwell to clear your senses? Seems to me you had better give her a well balanced diet – FOR DOGS, ONLY – and concentrate more on her health! I do agree with the treats… limit them to doggie treats, low calorie and nutritious. Can you deal with this?

    • In general, I do like Victoria Stillwell, but what a disappointment here. High protein leads to aggression? Oh My! She is setting raw feeders and those of us who feed grain free back a hundred years.

      That chi is the way she is because her owner asks nothing of her and feeds her restaurant food and snacks all day. Dogs trust us to take care of them and set limits. This dog is the leader in it’s house.

      She is heading to having a dog no one wants to be around – and with canine diabetes and heart troubles in it’s future.

      What a shame.


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