It’s Not Going To Stop ’til You Wise Up

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A new video from the Spay/Neuter Coalition tells it like it is.

Effective and direct, this is one of those rare creations that I recommend everyone share – not for yourself, but for the benefit of those people who still just don’t get it. Send them a strong and clear message on behalf of our best friends: it’s time they wise up.

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20 thoughts on “It’s Not Going To Stop ’til You Wise Up”

  1. All those pups need to have a reason to smile – they all look so sad. Yes, indeed, time to wise up.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. I live in the Fort Wayne Indiana area. Recently I was attempting to assist an elderly couple to locate a spay and neuter clinic in this area. We couldn’t find anything of this nature.

  3. Heart breaking looking at those adorable faces. Why do humans have to be such idiots!!!!! I know some dogs run away and can’t be found, people lose their homes and leave the dog behind with the hopes someone will find it and take it in BUT they’re not always found on time!!! All around the world animals are being abused, tortured to death because idiots think its fun! then there’s the people who DON’T spay/neuter their pets which in a way is abuse when the animal gets out and breeds then there’s unwanted pups/kittens and the cycle repeats…. Humans well a good portion of them are STUPID!

  4. Heartbreaking. Folks don’t need a spay/neuter clinic to get their pet fixed. Many vets will work with you, set up a payment plan, collect donations, or drop their prices to assist those with a lower income. All you have to do is ask.

  5. Anyone that allows there dogs to breed “reputable breeder” or otherwise should be ashamed as long as one animal dies alone in a shelter or spends their life in a rescue. Breeders can blast all they want but take a walk in reality and that’s through shelters and rescues and tell me you don’t share this blame with overpopulation. Every dog/kitty I have ever owned I rescued and spayed and neutered. There are no excuses people!
    I help with a few rescues and it is gut wrenching to go to the high kill pounds and look at those beautiful faces and know you cannot help them all. I encourage anyone thinking about buying from a breeder or considering breeding their pets PLEASE volunteer at a local shelter first and see what it is like in the trenches for these poor animals.


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