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Jack Russell puppy saves owner from two armed robbers


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Barbara Boos is crediting her dog Petey with saving her life when two armed men stormed into her Florida home and threatened her life in an attempted robbery.

When two armed men stormed through 62-year-old Barbara Boos’ front door she was terrified. They pulled her by her hair and threw her to the floor. “I started yelling,” said Boos. “He was pulling my hair so hard.” The armed men threatened to kill Boos if she didn’t give them her money, yelling at her, “Give me your money. Where’s your money?” Boos husband was on the couch but before he could get up to come to her aid their dog Petey ran from the other side of the house to be the hero.

Petey, an 8-month-old Jack Russell terrier, is a very loving and friendly dog. Boos never expected that he would be the one to come to her rescue.  Petey came speeding from the other side of the house and started defending Boos and scaring the two armed men away.

“He was jumping up and down on that guy’s face,” said Boos. “I don’t know if he was trying to bite his face or whatever.” Petey also attached the other man’s ankles and the two men quickly fled the home. “I can’t believe they were even scared of him,” said Boos.

Boos is still shaken up by the incident and the two men are still on the loose. She hopes police are able to catch them before they strike again.