Update on Buck, a true survivor

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buck2Buck has been through a horrific ordeal, having being shot in the face and head and left for dead in a garbage bag.  But he is one determined dog, and thanks to his rescuer, Tami Augustyn, he is on his way to recovery and a new and wonderful life in a loving home.  “Today he’s great,” Augustyn said on Tuesday of Buck’s recovery so far. “He’s very happy when he sees me, when he hears my voice.”

When Buck was found he was in terrible shape, and doctors warned that he would have permanent loss of vision and possibly brain damage.  That news did not deter Augustyn from doing everything possible to help him.  The Facebook page that she created, called Buck Needs Bucks for his Buckshot Injuries had raised over $30,000 which is much, much more than she will need to help Buck recover.  But Augustyn, a known animal rescuer and activist, has decided to turn Buck’s story into a way to help other animals in need.

The result will be The Buck Foundation, says Augustyn.   “The generosity of everyone & the outpouring of love & support has given me the opportunity to fulfill a life-long dream. With all leftover and future donations, I will be creating The Buck Foundation. This foundation will be used to continue to fund other cruelty situations in need, assist other rescue organizations in their endeavors, use Buck as a mascot/poster dog for animal cruelty and go into schools to raise awareness about animal cruelty for our next generation and many, more things. Buck’s tragedy will be turned into something GOOD that will have a ripping effect for a long time to come.”

Buck had surgery on his eyes on Tuesday and is doing well, and hopefully some of the damage has been repaired.  Dr. Rainvow, an opthamologist  at the North Houston Veterinary Specialists hospital explained that some of the shots perforated Buck’s corneas and entered his eyes, causing his eyes to stay closed.   Dr. Rainvow used grafts to try to repair the holes.  People have offered to adopt Buck, but for now he will remain with his rescuer Tami Augustyn.