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Jade: The Polite Lab Mix Who Chose to Wait for Her Perfect Family


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Jade (2)Everyone could see that Jade, a 3 year old lab mix, was a special dog from the time she walked into Paws for Life, an animal rescue in Chesapeake City, Maryland.

Jade arrived from a high-kill local shelter and no one knew her history. However, she had obviously been loved and worked with by her previous owners. She got along very well with other dogs, with children and with cats. She also seemed to be trained, as she knew many commands and was extremely polite.

Jade seemed to be a very adoptable dog! However, Jade’s problem seemed to be she was just TOO well behaved and did not stand out enough. Jade would wait politely whenever potential adopters came to visit rather than trying to be seen. She was just content to wait her turn.

After a couple of months, volunteers at Paws for Life were surprised that this sweet dog was still with them. One day, though, a couple came to look at the available dogs. The man had just gotten out of the hospital and needed to sit, so he rested on the wheel of a horse trailer while his wife walked different dogs.SONY DSC

Jade spotted the man and it was like she just knew. She immediately went and lay at his feet and refused to leave him. His wife came and decided she would walk Jade too. When she returned she asked her husband which dog would be best. He pointed to his feet and how Jade had returned and sat right there, as if she was claiming him! The decision seemed clear at that point.

Jade has now retired to Florida with her family and began a career as a therapy dog, something that suits her well. When her family came to visit Paws for Life, they also adopted a cat, Rudy. Jade and Rudy 3 (2)Rudy and Jade are now best friends and love to cuddle and take naps together.


Paws for Life is a 501(c)3 no-kill animal rescue organization in Chesapeake City, Maryland. They are committed to the animals they rescue and place no expiration date on finding them homes. They especially focus on dogs, placing them in homes and testing them in various settings.