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Colombia’s Latest Crime Fighting Officer – a Parachuting Dog

by Katherine

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Jany, a Belgian Malinois, is Colombia’s newest elite air force troop member. The dog participates in anti-terror squad training programs along other human officers. She is strapped to the chest of an officer, and with her comrade she parachutes from an airplane 1,000 ft in the air.

Jany is an explosives detector dog, and belongs to the Group of Air Special Commands based outside Colombia’s capital, Bogota. This 90-member squad team fights terrorism and criminal activities at all of Colombia’s airports.

The images below were taken by Colombian photographer Oliver Ehmig, and they capture the moments before Jany and Officer Jorge Herrera jump out of a plane.

When fighting terrorism, Air Special Commands officers must jump out of planes and land in landmine rigged areas. During this training session, Jany and Herrera practice how to land safely.

Ehmig was amazed at how calm and brave Jany seemed.

“She was extremely calm during the flight and was euphoric when she touched the ground” said Ehmig.

Jany is a brave dog and one of Colombia’s finest canine officers.

Officer Jorge Herrera and Jany waiting to jump.
Officer Jorge Herrera and Jany waiting to jump.
Time to jump
Time to jump.
And they're off!
And they’re off!