Jake Loves Babe: Dog Fascinated by Children’s Movie

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Customers of the Foote Glass Company in Medina, Ohio enjoy a unique customer service experience when visiting the business – they are greeted by a Border Collie named Jake, who invites them into the office to watch his favorite movie.

jake loves babeOwner Anita Foote says that ever since Jake was a puppy, he has been fascinated with animals on TV and in movies. But something about the movie Babe is so compelling that Jake will watch it every day – and he enjoys it so much that he prefers to watch with guests. That’s where the customers come in.

Once they enter the business it is apparent that Jack has a one track mind. He literally pressures customers until they follow him to his makeshift theater in the back of the shop. He makes no bones about his least favorite characters, gnashing his teeth and letting loose a howl of fury when the bad guy (Rex) appears.

Jake enjoyed fame early in life as a puppy, making international headlines when his adorable obsession with the movie was born. Nobody expected him to spend the rest of his life in a movie marathon, but give him credit, this dog knows what he likes: to date, Jack has worn out seven televisions, ten VCRs and 26  Babe tapes.