A Message From an Animal Control Officer: I Quit!

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If you haven’t seen this yet, just wait: it’s going viral.

Buzzfeed said it best: “He wants you to shut up about no kill shelters. He wants you to spay and neuter your pets. But most of all he wants you to bite him.”

38 thoughts on “A Message From an Animal Control Officer: I Quit!”

  1. The general public doesn’t know–and worse, (while claiming to love their pets) doesn’t want to know–the facts. I don’t see that changing soon, but we’ll keep trying to educate. God bless every good animal control officer.

  2. I work with similar douchbags only they are human. There parents should have been spayed/neutered long ago! Almost ready to quit.

  3. I agree with u Doni, my daughter has a beautiful pit who loves people …hates dogs…she’s been to training it’s just how she is and for irresponsible owners who let their animals run loose, its just a matter of time when 1 of these poor dogs get hurt and our dogs will pay the price. sad but true even if ours have muzzles, leashes, whatever because their aggressive, we loose!!!!!!!

  4. Tooooo True…. I couldn’t do the job… But if people just did the right thing. Desex, leads, fences, & responsibility. Then maybe we wouldn’t need animal control.


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