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Jax the Ring Bearer

by Nancy Freedman-Smith

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If you foster dogs for any length of time you are bound to come across at least one dog who is clearly “one who got away.”  Jax crossed my threshold a few years back in the spring of ’08. His timing to be my dog was way off.  Right dog, wrong time.

Jax was adopted by  my friend, New Hampshire dog trainer Dee Ganley.  This is the same dog who at nine months SAILED off my deck out across my yard out about 20 plus feet. He was really wonderful with my kids and we all fell madly in love with him.  He was not here long, and truthfully, he was slated for Dee all along. But on the other hand, he was in my house and technically, I had first dibs.  Possession  is after all,  a big part of the law.  Even though Jax was only in our home for about 2 weeks, I cried like a baby when I handed his leash to Dee.  I knew the dog  was headed for a great life but it didn’t stop the hurt we all felt.

Clearly he landed where he needed to be.

A few weeks ago, he was an integral part of her daughter’s wedding.


This picture that I took when he was our foster dog is one of my favorites of any of my three kids with any dog evah.

jake nebcr foster 012

Don’t you love a happy ending?