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Jazzy – The story of her Journey


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This heartwarming video from the San Francisco SPCA tells the story of Jazzy’s transformation from a stray dog who was found emaciated, pregnant, and suffering from a fractured pelvis to a happy, strong, love bug! Go Jazzy!

When Jazzy was brought in to the SF SPCA, she was emaciated, and suffered from a fractured pelvis. She had been in labor for hours but couldn’t deliver her puppies due to her injury. Her situation quickly escalated into a medical emergency, so the shelter team rushed her to surgery.

Jazzy amazed shelter staff and everyone who met her when she showed herself to be eager for love and human companionship just a day after she came to the shelter, when they’d expected her to be distrustful and afraid instead.

No one was surprised when Jazzy was quickly adopted and, after a rough start, Jazzy is now happy and living the good life.