13 thoughts on “Jesse’s Busy Day”

    • Alicia… You can find a Jack Russell at the Jack Russell rescue as they are one of the dogs that end up getting sent to the many shelters all across this country and the reason being is that they have a lot of energy and usually the owners can handle the their dog because they themselves haven’t had the proper training in keeping a dog of this caliber…. They are extremely intelligent and yes a high energy dog.
      BUT!!! And this is the key… Jesse is one special boy. But he wasn’t necessarily born that way. This young lady received this little dog for her birthday. I am sorry but I do not remember her name but it was a few years ago. And since that day she has worked with this little dog like he was the only dog on this earth and also like she had nothing else to do. She basically dedicated her whole life to this little cute guy and she has sure done a great job of using positive training to teach him everything he knows. So he wasn’t just born this way. This wonderful patient young lady has spent thousands of hours thinking of things she could do with Jesse and then she started making videos with him as the star… I admire this young lady so very much. She has worked tirelessly for years with this little guy…. It is because of her knowledge of this kind of training that Jesse has become the dog that he is today. And because of her methods in training him he is a happy dog in doing everything that he is asked to do. So anyone can have a Jack Russell but no one is going to have another Jesse unless you study about using positive methods in training a dog.
      I congratulate this young lady and I actually am very proud of her because she really wanted a puppy for her birthday somewhere around 8 years ago and she certainly showed her parents that she could be a very responsible Jack Russell Mom which is something that not very many people can be.
      I have a Jack Russell and I will love her forever. They are fabulous dogs but NOT for everyone…. Thanks for your time in reading this.

  1. you would think they are human there is nothing they cannot learn there only down fall is they are scared of nothing and I mean nothing very very special dogs I love both of mine they are my other two Children along with my GSD and GSD/ROTTmix..


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