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Joe May Be a Bit Small, but With Your Help He Could Be the Mightiest Joe You’ve Ever Known

by Fred

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3.10.17 Joe1


Hello, Life With Dogs Readers.  Another day brings us another Life With Dogs Adoptable Dog of the Day, and his name is Joe.  Joe comes to us from the Fulton County Animal Services Urgent Situation group, in Atlanta, Georgia.  Things didn’t start out great for this cute little dog, but you have the opportunity to turn things around for him.  And who knows, Joe just might be the best dog ever, if someone would only give him a chance.

Let’s let the Fulton County Animal Services introduce Joe:

Meet Joe.  He was dealt kind of a crappy hand in this life.  Joe was found as a stray, dragging a chain with a padlock on it.  Once in our care, we soon found out that Joe is blind.

He has been here for weeks.  The shelter is completely overwhelming for all dogs, but as a blind dog, who can’t see what’s around him?  It’s downright terrifying!

Joe welcomes visitors.  He wants to hug you, and we think it’s because it gives him a moment of feeling safe and secure.  Joe would do best in a home with a dog who could maybe be a leader for him, and show him the ropes.  Please share this boy, and let’s get Joe out of here!

Fulton County Animal Services
Atlanta, Georgia

Urgent Hotline 678.870.4364

[email protected]
[email protected]

To see the Fulton County Animal Services website, click here.  To see their PetFinder page, click here.