Justice For London Promised as True Nature of His Abuse is Revealed

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London is the sweet pit bull pup brought to Humane Society of Del Norte’s shelter in Crescent City, CA with severe untreated injuries last month and turned over Panda Paws Rescue of Vancouver, WA. London had both front legs amputated two weeks ago, and is healing well and getting around beautifully as he flourishes in the happy, loving environment provided for him by his rescuers.

Though it was acknowledged that London’s former owners were neglectful and abusive, official details on London’s history and abuse remained vague as local California authorities pursued an investigation.

Amanda Geise wrote to us and posted at the Panda Paws Rescue and Team London Facebook pages yesterday with an update clarifying London’s history and the source of the injuries that led to the double amputation of his front legs. As the investigation was underway, the “fell from a 2nd or 3rd story window” story was maintained to explain the sweet young boy’s injuries. The version of the story given to London’s caregivers this week follow below in a statement made by Panda Paws yesterday.

The statement:

It is with great pleasure that we update the World on London’s story. If you had not previously heard, the truth behind his shattered elbows & vague history have come to light.

Early this morning Amanda Giese, Founder of Panda Paws Rescue, was provided with statements & evidence depicting brutal attacks on London that had occurred months ago. His legs were not in fact fractured as a result of a fall from a significant height. It is now known his legs were purposely & deliberately broken at the hands of his previous owners on two separate occasions. Witnesses were present during the attacks & have come forth with the facts, names of the abusers & are working with the Crescent City Police Department as well as Jon Alexander, District Attorney of Crescent City, CA.

We can tell you that multiple suspects HAVE been arrested, are in custody & are being formally charged with felonies in this case. I just got off the phone with the DA & he personally asked me to thank the community of supporters standing behind London & wanted to assure you justice will be served!

Team London would like to thank the CCPD & Jon Alexander for expediting this process & for all of their hard work they have put into this matter! Thank you from all of Team London & we will keep you all updated! – Amanda Giese, Team London

This video from August 6 consists of outtakes shot on day 5 following London’s surgery. As in all of the videos Panda Paws has made with him, London is completely sweet, adorable and trusting, and shows an inspiring spirit and joy in living.

The two videos in our post yesterday, London the Double Amputee Pit Bull Pup: Happy, Loving Dog at Play, show him in recent days playing and giving and getting love.

For more on London at LWD, click HERE.


Photo, Carli Davidson. Used with permission of Panda Paws Rescue

18 thoughts on “Justice For London Promised as True Nature of His Abuse is Revealed”

  1. There is not enough punishment for people like this! What a sweet boy, I can’t wait to see a video of him walking again!

  2. My suggestion for his abusers? Amputate their limbs, let them see if they can lead a happy, fulfilled life as London is doing. I doubt it very much, as they have so much evil inside them. I wouldn’t normally advocate such brutality but our pets put complete trust in us, they love us unconditionally and would die for us, so when someone abuses that trust and betrays that love and loyalty, I don’t see any other option. Do to them what they do to these beautiful animals.

  3. The story of London has grabbed me stronger than any story I have read about an abused pet. If I could financially afford it – I would drive up to Washington today and adopt this beautiful baby boy. Please don’t allow these miserable human beings to just walk away with a slap on the hand. I agree with Victor! If he is not adopted out, if that is the plan, I want to know – I will figure out a way to get him!

  4. Brought to tears by this beatiful pup. So sad what humans are capable of. Happy to hear the accusers are actually in custody facing felony charges?! Surprised to see this, but very happy. Abuses of this kind should be treated as serious offenses, as the people who can perpetrate this kind of crime will not hesitate to harm others (of any species). I just don’t understand how someone could do that to this obviously, sweet ray of light pup!

  5. I would love to be the one holding the sledgehammer while shattering both of their legs! I’m sure they threw him out of the window to make it look like it was an accident. POS people that did this don’t deserve to live let alone walk this earth!

  6. Completely agree with all of the above especially Di! But suggest the amputation occur just before the prison sentence! Evil people …

  7. I don’t think they are human I truly believe they are demon spirits in human form, anyone with a heart could not do this.


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