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Doberman Saves Family From House Fire


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The family's Doberman quickly alerted the family of the fire, allowing everyone to escape safely.

A London dog is being called a hero, after the dog saved his family from a house fire.

A man and his two children were fast asleep in the house, when a fire suddenly broke out in the early morning hours.

The family’s Doberman woke up and began barking to alert his owner, before the smoke detector was able to alert the family. The dog’s quick alert allowed everyone time to make it out of the house safely before fire services arrived on the scene.

The fire began in one of the home’s rear bedrooms. While the cause is still being investigated, fire crews believe that a plug-in air freshener that was covered by material started the fire.

Since the family was able to get out of the house so quickly, no one required any medical attention.

The fire tore through one of the bedrooms in the home.

“The dog may well have saved this family’s lives. His barking woke the family up, allowing them to quickly escape and call us out.” said one member of the London Fire Brigade.

“Had they not been woken up so quickly, the damage to their home could have been far worse and they might not have escaped without injury. I’m sure they are very grateful to their hero dog!”