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K9 Cops for Kids Christmas Campaign spreading holiday cheer to sick children


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elfK9s and their handlers are bringing holiday cheer to sick kids this holiday season in Saskatchewan, Canada. Corporal Sean Cleary started the K9 Cops for Kids Christmas Campaign this year. For three days the Canadian Police Canine Association will be visiting 120 pediatric patients and putting smiles on their faces.

Cleary recognized how fortunate he was to have two healthy children and wanted to do something beyond a donation to help kids who were born with health issues. Clearly along with other K9 handlers started visiting children in hospitals on Monday. They are bringing along with them working police dogs at hospitals that will allow them, and one ten-week-old police-bred puppy named Elf.

The campaign also is bringing Royal Canadian Mounted Police toys to give to the children. The toys are stuffed service dogs that look like Elf. Each child will receive one of the stuffed dogs. “[It’s] something for the kids to cuddle with and hold while they are, you know, having a bit of a tougher time,” said Clearly. The Canadian Police K9 Association helped pay for the toys.

“My goal, if we’re completely successful, is for the hour that we’re there we give the kids some smiles and give them the opportunity to forget they’re in hospital,” said Clearly. On Monday the campaign visited Wascana Rehabilitation Centre. Elf greeted patients at the door and visited with those who are staying at the center. “I think it definitely made the day for the kids,” said Krista Smith, mother of one of the patients.