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Hope-ing for a home for the holidays


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hopeA young shepherd is hoping Santa will bring him one thing for Christmas; a new place to call home.  The 2 year old dog has been named Hope, and was saved by a good samaritan after being hit by a car and left to die about 2 weeks ago in Orange County.  She narrowly escaped euthanasia at the Orange County shelter when she was rescued by Coastal German Shepherd Rescue at the last hour.

Hope is now recovering from surgery to repair a broken leg sustained when she was hit on the road.   Dr. Matthew Wheaton at the Alicia Pet Care Center said the leg was cross-pinned (a surgical technique that stabilizes the bones) and she has an excellent prognosis for recovery.  “She is a sweet dog and will make a good pet for someone,” he added.

Hope had been kept in quarantine for 10 days following her rescue because she bit the woman who dragged her off the road to save her life, but Tiffany Norton of the rescue group says the bite was simply out of fear and shock.  “For 10 days, she was kept at the Orange County shelter in quarantine out of public view with a broken hind leg,” she said. “We found out about her when a shelter worker sent out an email to rescue groups asking if anyone could take her. She was down to her last day. We got her on Saturday and took her straight to Wheaton where she was given methanol patch for her pain.”

hope2Wheaton also operates his own nonprofit known as the Pet Rescue Center, has discounted medical care and helped save 2,000 dogs when called upon by rescue groups.  “Initially I wanted to help out our local rescue dogs and cats by offering significantly discounted care to assist those that desperately needed the help,” Wheaton said. “After many years of this, it has taken on a new meaning for me personally but also for my entire staff. Helping out in this way truly nurtures our hearts. Caring for those that are so needy makes us feel better so it really has turned into a selfish motive in a way as the more we help, the more whole we feel by giving back and changing lives. It really is now part of who I am.”

Hope is fortunate to be one of the lucky ones plucked from the shelter just as time was running out.  She needs a home and will make a beautiful companion for someone.  For information on adopting Hope, or another animal or to make a donation call 714-528-4730 or go to and give her the best gift ever.