K911 Rescues a Little Pug in Need

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This video included he following information on the video posted:

“On 12/29/14 WA2S Films rode along with volunteers Sonya Franklin and Anna Barbosa of Houston K911 Rescue, a member of Unity For A Solution, a local animal advocacy and support non profit.”

These little ones were lefft out in the cold all the time, and were very hungry.  The rescuer clearly states that she’s been to this property before to feed these dogs, and believed the “owners” hadn’t been back to the property for quite some time.  How could someone do that to the beautiful, young dogs?  Unthinkable!

15 thoughts on “K911 Rescues a Little Pug in Need”

  1. God, it pisses me off to see people just abandon animals like this. There are so many places to surrender them to, that will ensure that they will be taken care of…

  2. Thank you and God bless for helping these helpless animals. May God bestow on the humans that did this.

  3. By bying from breeders, people support the constant abuse these poor babies go through. They are to be family, not someone else’s bank account.

  4. We treat our children, elderly and pets as if they are disposable..God help us all..Blessings to you people that reach out to help no matter the situation..


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