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Karma: Man Tries Kicking Dog but Hurts Himself Instead

by Katherine

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A surveillance camera recorded the moment a man tries to kick a harmless dog but instead slips, falls hard on ceramic floor and ends in pain. Karma has a great way to bite you in the rear end, and for this unsuspecting animal abuser, karma got him back right away.

The video shows how a dog walking on a sidewalk approaches an empty internet cafe. The pet enters the business and sniffs the garbage can. A few seconds later, a man follows the pet inside and gets ready to kick the dog, but as the abuser swings his leg, he loses his balance and falls on the floor completely missing the dog.




The pet gets spooked and runs out the cafe while the man is left on the floor in excruciating pain.

We hope this experience serves this man right. Next time he tries to abuse a pet we bet the man will think twice.