Kenyan Dog Adopts Two Children Abandoned by Mother

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7.10.13 - Dog Adopts Kids

A dog in the Kirigu Village in Nairobi, Kenya has taken on the role of foster mother to two children abandoned by their mother. The dog, named Oscar, even escorts the kids to and from school each day.

For the last six years, Oscar has been watching over seven-year-old David Mbogo and six-year-old Mary Wanjiku, who were abandoned shortly after Mary was born. Their mother is addicted to chang’aa (which literally means “kill me quick”), a potent alcohol beverage that is often deadly due to the addition of jet fuel, embalming fluid or battery acid to give the drink more “kick.”

7.10.13 - Dog Adopts Kids2

The children are cared for by their grandmother, Susan Wanjiku, but she has five other children to watch over, and must spend a great deal of time away at work to support everybody. She sells cabbages in Kibera, earning about 200 Kenyan Shilling (2.30) per day. The two children attend school, which costs Sh2,400 ($27.50) per term.

Oscar walks them to school each day, and patiently waits to escort them home. Her maternal instincts have lead to her being well-known and liked by the neighborhood.

Susan does whatever she can to provide for her seven grandchildren, but there is never enough to go around, and their makeshift shanty is scarcely sufficient enough to call a home.

7.10.13 - Dog Adopts Kids3

Every time it rains, sewage water flows through the house and I am afraid for the kids,” she said. “I pray to God that we can get a better dwelling for the kids and that is our greatest need.”

It has been very cold recently, and she has not been able to get warm clothes for the kids. Well-wishing neighbors have donated a few items here and there, but she needs basic things like milk, flour, salt and tea leaves and sugar, so she can at least make chai tea to warm them up.

Anyone interested in donating can visit the m-pesa site and send money to 0713-666885. School fees for the children can be provided by reaching their teacher, Mrs. Kinyanjui at 0720-568878.



10 thoughts on “Kenyan Dog Adopts Two Children Abandoned by Mother”

  1. the kids could catch a disease from the dog ? that would be the last thing I would think about in their situation !!!!!

    • Chances of them catching a disease from the dog is really minimal. Growing up with her could actually boost their immune system. They’re more likely to catch something from their environment and other humans.

      • You mean they can get sick from other sick humans and deathly sick by the sewage water washing into their house! They can’t get sick by the dog.

  2. Isn’t there an easier way to send money? The link in the article looks sketchy. I’d like to help but I’m always weary of things that are that complicated.

  3. Yea I kind of agree with Renee… I’d like to help but before I do, can anyone vouch for this m-pesa system and the article? I trust this website, but I would like to have confirmation again that someone has verified all this to be true! Thanks for the help Life With Dogs! I’ll check back shorty for an update

    • hello there, Can Life With Dogs put those who would like to help in touch with someone here that would know the best way to go about this? for instance I would like to get the dog to a vet for vaccines,etc and to donate for the childrens school among other things but the phone system presented here does not seem the best way to go about this. Is there a social worker who works in that area that could set up something for those of us wishing to help? thank you.

  4. I actually tried to send some money, Western Union online will do a secure transfer to m-pesa accounts. However, it does not recognize the grandmother’s phone number, as listed here as a valid number.

    That’s a shame because she will miss out on desperately needed help.

  5. It’s too bad that the TV stations OR whomever did this story can’t step in and help those of us that want to help – is there anyway to find out who they are?

    I don’t want to give money if they can’t even locate the mom with a bad tel # of the teacher!



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