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The Little Squirt That Received a New Chance at Life


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Squirt, a little black and tan stray, was always one to live in the moment, happily accepting the good and taking the bad in stride. His life had a lot of challenges in the beginning, though, and it was far from safe or joyous. See, Squirt was blind with cataracts as a result of diabetes and living on the streets- a combination that does not bode well for most little dogs!

However, on a bitterly cold December day in Colorado, Squirt’s prospects would drastically change. Squirt was wandering alongside the light rail in downtown Denver, in danger of being either hit or freezing to death, when he encountered the people that would bring him a new life-full of love and joy.

Squirt was emaciated when he was found, weighing only 9 pounds! He was immediately brought to MaxFund, a no-kill animal shelter in Denver, Colorado. At MaxFund, Squirt received vital medical care and love. They began daily blood work and insulin injections and he started a special diet. He also received a cushy bed and a loving hand for the first time.

It was a year-long process, but Squirt really began to blossom at MaxFund. After months of insulin and special treatment, the diabetes that nearly killed Squirt was under control. In addition, the amazing and donors at MaxFund raised enough money for Squirt to receive cataract surgery.  It was a pivotal moment for the little guy! He could see again!

Exactly a year to the day of being brought to MaxFund, Squirt was adopted. He is now living happily with his new forever family.  He is fully enjoying his life and the world that he can see vividly thanks to his newfound eyesight. When one looks at his before and after picture, you can see what a difference his loving environment made.

Squirt Before & After
Squirt Before & After

Squirt is only one example of the many strays that MaxFund takes in and provides for. MaxFund is a magical place of transformation for the pets that come through their doors. None are treated as throw-aways  or as a statistic.


MaxFund is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization founded by Dr. Bill Suro and his wife Nancy to address the increasing number of animals in need of medical care with no known owner. The organization is named after Max, the first pet rescued after being hit by a car. They continue to stray save dogs and cats that are injured or have medical needs, providing them with needed medical care and shelter and facilitating adoption.