Kimbo’s Quest

Kimbo Slice the Bulldog goes on an impossible mission to enter a treehouse at Finca Bellavista…and accomplishes his mission with a ride on a zipline.

3 thoughts on “Kimbo’s Quest”

  1. Love Your Kimbo Film ! Kimbo Has A Great Face ….. Love the Expression! We Also Have An English and He Is the Highlight Of Our Lives! Winston ( Original Huh? WINNIE is What He Goes By! ) Is “7” Years Young! Winnie Has the Same Puppy Life In Him That He Had Years Ago! Perhaps A Little Slowed Down But NOT Much! He Swims In the Pool and Takes Everyone’s Floats From Them Until He His Ready To Let Them Have It Back!?! He Is Such A “Clown ” All Over Town Where Ever He Goes! People Are In LOVE ith Him Everywhere! He Always Needs To Be the Center Of Attention and If He Isn’t He Will Knock Us With His Front Lower Teeth To Get Our Attention! He Will Sit Right In Front Of Us and STARE Us Down Until He Gets Our Attention and We Look At Him ! Amazing Personality! He Sleeps In Our Bed Every Night Of Course ….We Would Not Want It Any Other Way! He Has Some Arthritis From His Knees Which He Has Had Since A Puppy But He Does Not Let That Slow Him Down Very Often Unless He JUMPS Too Much! Amazing Guy! I Did Notice Kimbo Is Missing the SAME Lower Center Teeth –I Thought You Would find This Remarkable –I Did! Please Keep Kimbo Films Coming We Really Enjoy Kimbo! Thanks!

  2. I would like to live in a treehouse in the jungle too. Kimbo, I envy you. Maybe we could be neighbors, would you like a biscuit?


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