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Lab Gets a Rescue from a Puppy Mill & a Life He Never Dreamed Of

by Melanie

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4.11.15 - Remington's Rescue from a Puppy Mill1


This is Remington’s tale from The Animal Rescue Site:

Eight years ago my husband and I just bought a house. This meant leaving a home where our seven-month-old black Lab had many other dogs to play with to her being the only dog. We wanted to get her a friend so I began looking for another lab a few days after Christmas. I answered an ad in the paper.

We noticed that there was a lonely Lab pup in cardboard box inside a muddy outdoor kennel. I knew then that we needed to take him out of the freezing cold. Before we could leave the guy tried to get us to buy another puppy, showing us the hundreds of other puppies they had. We took the Lab and left. After a few warm baths we got the caked on mud off the little boy and found that he was a beautiful yellow.

He is now my handsome, happy, and health “baby” boy. He looks out for his big sister and hates when he cannot see where she is. Every evening when I get home from work he comes up to have his chest rubbed but he sits on my toes with his back to me. So I have to bend over him to rub his chest, [and] once my face is close enough I get a big wet kiss or he will just lay his head in my lap for it to be petted and kissed.

After talking to a few people about the place where we got our baby boy, we found out that it was a puppy mill and they were shut down about a year after we got him.

Cedar Rapids, IA


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