This Video Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

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From the Speranza Animal Rescue in Pennsylvania:

I got a call this morning regarding a stray dog in Harrisburg. She was seen sleeping on a lady’s front porch.

By the time I got there she had left… I decided to drive around for a few minutes and that’s when I spotted her – eating out of a pile of trash.

I got out of my car and tried to approach her. Her tail was tucked tight, and she gave me a growl as if saying ‘back off.’

I continued to follow her down through several alleys. She would keep looking back at me – show me her teeth and let out a few more barks.

After about 10 minutes of this, she came to a stop. She stood there and stared at me. I knew this was my chance.

I sat down in the alleyway about 10 feet from her. She continued to bark at me. I turned my back to her and just began talking… I assured her it was ok now. I told her I was not here to hurt her. I just wanted to help.

I could feel her come behind me and she began to sniff me all over. I kept talking… she then came around towards my front and so gently sniffed my cheek.

What she did next absolutely made my heart sink – she lifted her left paw up at my face and then so gently curled up into a ball in my lap. She looked up at me with those eyes and gave me a quick kiss on the forehead. A kiss that was her way of saying thank you.

Welcome to the family, Dolly ♡


4.10.15 - Dolly's Amazing Rescue1


For more information about Dolly or any of their other rescues who need homes, please visit their Facebook page and website.


0 thoughts on “This Video Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity”

  1. This is great work you are doing rescuing this dog, God bless you, but this was not done very safely. The dog was barking at the vehicle and the person with the camera, so it was scared and cautious. This person chased this dog out into a busy street full of traffic, all for the sake of getting it onto a video. You can see where the dog was almost hit twice by vehicles. The safest thing to do would have been to leave the vehicle and the camera behind and sat down and worked from there. I’m happy for the dog and thank you for the compassion for animals, but it would have been a complete tragedy if that dog had been killed by one of those cars speeding by

    • I thought the same thing – it was dangerous because she got the dog to cross a busy street. I was so nervous during that part. Other than that Bravo to this lady for rescuing this dog.

    • Thanks for drawing attention to the flaw in this rescue, amid all the congratulations posted here. I hope people take note. Education is always a good thing.

  2. Thank you for saving this poor dog!
    Hopefully she will find a good home with someone who will treat her with love and kindness.


  4. God Bless you my friend!! There are just too many heartbreaking stories out there about abandoned, broken, and abused dogs. People like you give them hope for a better life that they all deserve. Thank you!


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