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Labrador Rescued from White Water Rafting River

by Katherine

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On May 25, 2014, Larae Beck’s two dogs went out for a walk around the Beck’s large property in Farmington, Utah, but only one of the dogs returned home. Libby, a Labrador, was trapped on a ledge inside a river with white water rafting conditions. She was scared and cold, but thanks to a kindhearted family that heard her cries, the canine was saved and pulled from the fast flowing river.

Libby’s rescuers happened to be out on a hike near the area where the dog was trapped. They heard dog cries and they moved closer to the sound, finding Libby that same Saturday night.

Libby waiting to be rescued.
Libby waiting to be rescued.


Authorities were called to assist in the rescue because the river’s current was too strong for the Farmington family to attempt to retrieve the dog on their own.

When the Swift Water Team arrived on the scene, they found Libby on the ledge and the other dog across the river. However, soon after the rescue mission started the other dog ran off. The search and rescue team successfully pulled Libby to safety using secured ropes.

Swift Water Team getting ready to rescue Libby.
Swift Water Team getting ready to rescue Libby.


“One of the dogs it looked like had fallen down from the rocks and was partially submerged on the edge of the river,” Sgt. Jason Sorensen with Davis County Sheriff’s Office told Fox 13 Now.

The canine was taken to Davis County Animal Shelter and scanned for a microchip, but unfortunately she did not have one.

Meanwhile Beck was worried about her missing pet and had been out on her property looking for her canine. On Sunday she called the sheriff’s department and was told about the rescued dog from the river, yet, the reunion was delayed until Tuesday morning because the shelter was closed on Sunday and on Monday for Memorial Day.

If Libby had been microchipped, the reunion would had been made possible the same night of her rescue.

We are glad Libby is back home and safe. We hope the Becks microchip their pets in case the four-legged family members wonder too far away from home again.