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Meet Milkshake, the Rescue Cow that Thinks She’s a Dog

by Melanie

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6.11.14 - Meet Milkshake, the Rescue Cow that Thinks It’s a Dog

Milkshake is a rescue cow.  That’s correct, a rescue cow, taken out of a nasty animal hoarding situation knowing only life stuck in a 10×10 pen. When brought to Beth DiCaprio’s ranch in northern California, it wasn’t from the other cows, but DiCaprio’s dogs, that Milkshake seemed to be taking her cues.

In perhaps what is the most adorable case of identity confusion ever, it would seem Milkshake actually thinks she is a dog.  She plays like a dog, and seems to truly think her nature is more canine than bovine.  Milkshake follows DiCaprio everywhere just like one of her dogs, doesn’t seem to mind cute little outfits, and you should see that face when she’s given a good chin scratch.  She even gets excited and starts mooing whenever DiCaprio comes home.  Far more canine than bovine behavior, for sure.

Having only known that 10×10 pen since two weeks old, and never knowing her mother could be what has been contributing to Milkshake’s mistaken identity.  DiCaprio says that ever since rescuing Milkshake with the Grace foundation of California, she follows her around just like one of her dogs, and isn’t interested in the company of other cows either.  Instead, she has befriended DiCaprio’s terrier mix Riley, and the two can be seen running and playing together, and even doing a bit of cowboy stunt work as Riley hops up on Milkshake’s back and goes for a ride.  Hopefully they don’t decide to ever switch roles!

Milkshake is truly a unique cow.  Thankfully, she seems to have an idea of just how big she is, and hasn’t decided to try to be a lapdog yet.  Let’s hope she never gets the idea….ouch!

Some folks may remember the El Dorado Hills-based Grace Foundation.  In 2012 they were home to another rescue that had gone “viral.”  They were home to Tiny Beyoncé.  She was a dachshund mix born weighing less than one ounce.  You can see Milkshake’s story and many others by clicking here.