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Labrador Saves Man Pinned Under Truck

by Katherine

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Kirby Turcotte, was working under a 2005 Chevy 3500 truck on Wednesday, Dec. 11 2013, in Skowhegan, New Hampshire, when the truck rolled backward off an improvised wooden ramp onto the 69-year-old man’s chest. If it wasn’t for Rondo a 19-month old, black Labrador retriever who alerted his walker of the injured man, Turcotte wouldn’t be alive today.

Photo Credit: Barker
Photo Credit: Barker

The hero dog belongs to Tammy Young and Tim Timberlake, but he is watched and walked almost everyday by 63-year-old, retired high school history teacher, David Harville.

“We got to the end of Chandler Street and Rondo noticed there was someone lying on the ground,” Harville told Kennebec Journal. “He doesn’t usually react like that — I think he knew something was wrong. I streaked across the lawn and I noticed this man was on his back, unconscious and bleeding from his mouth.”

Quickly, Harville pulled the truck forward, off Turcotte’s chest. Other locals had seen the commotion and came to help. They called 911.

“I looked down at his face and he was starting to gain consciousness,” said Harville. “I wanted him to remain conscious so he wouldn’t go into shock. I thought if Rondo could be right near him it would keep [him] conscious.”

The four-legged hero stayed by Turcotte’s side until an ambulance arrived.

At the hospital it was determined Turcotte the weight of the truck broke some ribs and her was scheduled for surgery. He is expected to make a full recovery.

Thanks to Rondo, the heroic dog, and  Harville, Turcotte is alive today.