Landscaper Suspected of Poisoning Dogs Held on $5,000 Bail

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9.24.12 Poison1
Kenneth Hyland

Fifty-three-year-old landscaper Kenneth Hyland was arraigned today in the Charlestown District Court on charges of poisoning animals and was ordered to be held on 5,000 dollars cash bail.

The Everett, Massachusetts resident was arrested Friday after dog owners reported that Hyland was spreading chunks of hot dogs soaked in antifreeze on the grass at 550 Medford St. in Charlestown.  Neighbors said they noticed hot dogs in a five-gallon bucket of blue-green liquid near where Hyland was mowing the lawn.

One dog owner reported that his boxer-basset hound mix became ill six months ago after trying to eat bits of green hot dogs off the grass.  More recently, the same dog owner claimed to see Hyland holding a bucket of hot dog pieces marinating in what looked like antifreeze.  He said he saw Hyland spread them out on the lawn.  When asked if trying to poison dogs, Hyland allegedly said yes.  After a short argument, the dog owner cleaned up the poisoned hot dogs with some neighbors and took them to the police.

Neighbors believed Hyland was seeking his revenge on owners who did not clean up after their dogs.

Prosecutors at the arraignment noted that Hyland is no stranger to crime, and has had over 30 convictions.  He has unresolved cases in Lynn and Woburn, MA, for assault and battery and leaving the scene of property damage.

Hyland’s attorney said his client “vehemently denies” the charges of dog poisoning.  Hyland is due back in court October 19 for a pretrial hearing.