Last Chance: Petition for Stronger Laws Against Leaving Dogs in Cars

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This summer, there has been a lot of attention given to the problem of leaving children in hot cars and how to prevent this, especially after a couple of very high profile tragedies. What many people do not realize, though, is that this is a massive problem for dogs, with countless dying each year after being locked in hot cars.

Only 15 states even have legislation against leaving an animal unattended in a confined vehicle and many pet owners are simply ignorant of the risks involved or how quickly a dog can die.

After Petplan Insurance’s Chief Veterinary Medical Officer, Dr. Jules Benson, witnessed a dog succumbing to heat stroke after being locked in a hot car, they realized something had to be done.

Motivated by the tragedy, Petplan Insurance began a petition for stronger legislation against leaving pets unattended in cars during dangerously hot or cold temperatures. If they receive at least 100,000 by this coming Tuesday, September 2nd, the petition will go straight to the White House.

Please sign the petition here:

For more information and for Dr. Jules Benson’s heartbreaking story, please visit:


Petplan Insurance is a pet insurance company dedicated to providing pet parents with the support, resources and tools they need to keep their pets, not just surviving, but thriving long into old age.

19 thoughts on “Last Chance: Petition for Stronger Laws Against Leaving Dogs in Cars”

  1. This link makes it impossible to sign the petition on mobile. The box for filling out your information just keeps “floating” with any downward movement that I make or keeps disappearing altogether.

  2. Down here in Aussie if you leave your dog in a car the cops will smash your window take your dog and leave you a fine

  3. I hope legislators get to work and this goes through. Although I don’t think something that automatically should be a caring thought and common sense, ought to be enforced by a law.

  4. Why do we need to keep legislating things that should be common sense to any human being with two brain cells to rub together? Why can’t people just not do harmful things to animals and other people simply because it is wrong? Our society has become spoon dumb!

  5. This should be something the States and not the national government deal with. And I am pretty sure this is animal use and therefore already covered by existing State laws that need to be enforced, rather than needing new federal legislations. So, I think it is a well intentioned but stupid idea.


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