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Laugh for the Day: The (Perceived) Joys of Inside Play

by Adrea

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It can be difficult, sometimes, to sort out whether our dogs are playing for their benefit…or for ours.  Take Denise Lauffer’s visiting houseguests, Jasper (the red pooch) and Ottilie (affectionately called the “sheep”).

While there is definitely some play going on here, it does not seem there is complete  commitment to the activity, at least on Jasper’s part. He does seem a bit blasée about the whole thing, not that Ottilie is much better, but the hairstyle does cover any possible eye rolling.  Perhaps they are only engaged in seeing that Denise, once again, is recording.

Oh, the challenges of constantly being in the eyes of the paparazzi.  Right, Jasper?

Thank you, Denise, for sharing!