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Search Continues: Recent Sighting of Utah Dog Missing in Vermont Brings Hope

by Adrea

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Barbara Brisson understands the powerful bond between human and animal.  Afterall, she is a retired K9 officer and dog-lover, and when her beloved patrol dog, Tiger, got sick the community support, to help with the medical bills alone, meant the world to her.  In learning about a Utah man whose dog went missing when in Vermont to house-sit for a friend, she told WPTZ, “I said to my husband, let’s get in the car and help him look for his dog.” Although it has been since the summer of 2015, Brisson continues to look.

Lincoln with his best friend, Jackie, who misses him very much.

“At one point when we were mountain biking in Huntington, he took off after a deer, and I don’t really know what happened, but he just never came back,” Nick Gottlieb, Lincoln’s owner, said in an interview back in September. Lincoln just took off.  Brisson believes that because the dog had no “home base” established in Vermont he didn’t really know where to go, but she feels certain he is around.  She has set up a shelter with food in addition to several movement-based cameras and watches daily for Lincoln.


The Facebook page that has been set up, Find Lincoln, had this most recent post:

UPDATE for 12/29/2016: We have a very possible sighting from Tuesday 12/27/2016 off of Lincoln Hill Road near the Carse Trail (near Huntington, VT). This is the same place where Lincoln was lost back in August! There are already game cams and feeding stations along the area. Please DO NOT go into the field as the cameras need to capture photos of Lincoln! Due to the cold weather, keeping batteries fresh is really a challenge (so let the cams take photos of Lincoln only). We ask that you cruise in cars in a 5 mile radius of Lincoln Hill Road and area. Call in any sightings right away! Take a photo! $500 reward for a photo of Lincoln!

Call 917 445 3924 right away!

**For any sightings during January 1 or 2, please call 802-355-9615!**


Brisson does ask anyone who may think they see Lincoln to heed the following; “Dogs when they’re out there for quite a while, they become a little feral, that’s why we ask you not to chase or holler or scream because it’ll push them further away.”


The search continues and Brisson remains hopeful and optimistic. “So when I needed help for my Tiger, people came forward; this is my way of paying back,” she said. If anyone does come across any information or spots Lincoln, please reach out to Barbara or Nick via Facebook.

All photos from Find Lincoln Facebook page.