Lawmakers in New York to consider “Phoenix’s Law”

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Phoenix has made a remarkable recovery from the horrible abuse he suffered back in October. His story outraged animal lovers all over and is inspiring lawmakers to make a change to the animal cruelty laws in New York.

The Erie County Legislature passed a resolution asking New York lawmakers to re-examine the state’s animal cruelty laws. Assemblyman Sean Ryan is sponsoring legislation, called Phoenix’s Law, which  would increase the penalty for felony animal cruelty. “The public wants to see something done, and New York’s law is just antiquated. We haven’t updated it and we fell behind,” said Ryan.

The current maximum punishment for felony animal cruelty in New York is currently a two year prison term and a five-thousand dollar fine. The new proposed legislation would increase the prison term to four years and increase fines to ten-thousand dollars. There would also be a mandatory psychiatric evaluation for anyone convicted of felony animal cruelty.

“Laws like this are proven to be a deterrent, and that is why the national animal groups are focusing on this. They rank New York so low because the current law lacks any deterrence,” said Ryan. The law is expected to be introduced to New York State lawmakers early next month.

5 thoughts on “Lawmakers in New York to consider “Phoenix’s Law””

  1. 4 years is still not enough, but it is a step in the right direction. The psych evaluation is a must. I have said it before ad will continue to say it. Animal cruelty is more often than not a prelude to doing it to people. Poor Phoenix. The 2 scum that did this should be sent to prison for a very long time. I hope Phoenix finds a loving home.

  2. Is Phoenix up for adoption? I have 5 Italian Greyhounds and that is what he looks like he is. did those two get the maximum? Or did they get a slap on the wrist??? Please if anyone knows if he’s for adoption, please email me at: [email protected]

    • Phoenix is a jack russell terrier and they are the polar opposites of Italian greyhounds…that would be a terrible mix..probably the worst I can imagine.
      Jacks need a vey specific kind of owner, they are crazy, feisty, super smart and literally have energy to run all day and then some.
      a jack russell would easily break such a fragile dog like an IG with their rough playing.

    • Deborah, you have enough on your plate already, Phoenix needs more centred attention that you will be able to give him, to be honest, you come across as a bit of a hoarder…

      He is a Jack Russell Terrier mix, if you couldn’t tell that from his pictures, then what can I tell ya !

      Get well soon Phoenix, mate, you deserve all the good that life can bring ya, as you certainly have have way more than your share of the bad….

  3. Do you think the ASPCA will kill this law like they did Oreo’s Law when it came up in the New York Legislature?


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