Lazy Dog Has Interesting Way of Moving Off Chair

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Some days, it’s just not even worth getting out of bed…



41 thoughts on “Lazy Dog Has Interesting Way of Moving Off Chair”

  1. Ah, to love a GSD! They have so many silly moves! This pup is probably going to grow up to be like my adults who tend to sleep so deeply at times they roll off the couch and wake themselves up!

  2. I saw this on facebook. Whoever owns this dog needs to get him to the vet. My dog did this and died one month later from IMHA disease. Check his gums to see if they are white. If they are he is anemic. This is no joke. I tried to save my baby and it was too late. They did 2 blood transfusions and he still went downhill.

  3. charities and the historical failure of animal research, what charities will never tell you, on my youtube/ms4mula1 (sorry about going off topic!).


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