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Super Cute Puppy Is SO Excited to Eat

by Melanie

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Scout has megaesophagus, which is an enlarged esophagus that doesn’t perform peristalsis properly.  Because food isn’t contracted down into his belly, he has to sit up and let gravity do the work for him.  But his condition doesn’t stop him from loving life – or chow time!



“This is our purebred GSD, Scout. We rescued him when he was just 10 weeks old. The breeder knew something was wrong because he couldn’t keep food down so he gave him to us so we could give him the attention he needs,” said uploader KMT15.  “He was diagnosed with congenital megaesophagus 2 days after we got him. He’s now 16 weeks old and finally starting to put some weight on. This is our feeding routine 3 times a day. Each feeding he gets 1.5 cups of a purée blend of Blue Buffalo puppy wet food, Blue Buffalo puppy kibble, water, salmon oil, and a probiotic enzyme. Right now we’ve been using a baby walker until he gets a bit bigger and I will build him an adjustable Bailey chair to grow with him. As you can see he definitely associates his feedings with the walker. He eats from an ice cube tray because he scarfs his food down and it helps him slow down to eat. After each feeding he sits in his chair for about 30 minutes to let gravity help the food go down to his stomach. We are still learning but he has done pretty [well] with this routine. I’d say he keeps 90-95% of his food down most [of the] time.”