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LED Vest Will Make Your Dog Look like a Disco Ball

by Melanie

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3.19.15 - Disco Dog3


Ok, so you might be thinking, “how ridiculous!”  But this new product will illuminate your dog, keeping them highly visible at night, and can even flash a message to let people know that he’s lost.

Party NYC is in the process of creating a line of comfortable, lightweight vests for small to large dogs.  No, it probably won’t fit on a Mastiff, but they’re already pretty well spotted.

“We love to party, we love technology, and we love dogs, so this product felt like a natural step for us,” the company says.


3.19.15 - Disco Dog1


So whether you’re a tech geek who can’t resist a new gadget or an avid dog walker who wants high visibility at night, the Disco Dog might be perfect for you.

The vest boasts 256 LED lights, which are smartphone-controlled.  Different settings allow you to choose how the lights appear, and if your dog gets too far out of range for the Bluetooth signal to reach, the scrolling “lost dog” message is automatically activated.


3.19.15 - Disco Dog2


The vests aren’t for the dog lover on a tight budget.  They start at $300 for a small dog, and can soar up to $2,500 for a custom design.  But who can put a price on their dog’s safety?  Or their fashion icon status?  (Just kidding about that last one!)

Sadly, the company is still in the prototype phase, and the vest is not on store shelves yet.  A Kickstarter campaign has been launched, and people have definitely taken an interest in the project.  But a little more help is needed to bring the finished product to the public.

If you would like more information, or are interested in donating to the campaign (which could actually just buy you one of the vests), please click here.