Let’s End Testing on Dogs and Other Animals

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12.3.14 - Ban Animal Testing12


While many consumers are very conscious of how their products are made, others continue to call themselves animal lovers without even checking to see that their stuff is cruelty free.  Millions of primates, dogs, cats, and dozens of other animals are tortured for our medications and hygiene, cosmetic, and cleaning products.  If you really love animals, you’ll sign the petitions in this article.

Yes, this is a gruesome topic that many would rather ignore than read about.  But looking the other way is what allows animals to suffer.  Companies across the world subject animals to unnecessary torture so we can feel good about what we use.  And the Food and Drug Administration is completely fine with this.


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Animals spend their miserable lives in cramped cages, never knowing love, or at the very least, comfort.  They are forced to smoke cigarettes, loaded with ticks and parasites, burned with chemicals, and have their eyes and other body parts cut out.  This is all done with little to no anesthesia.  Dogs have their vocal chords removed so researchers don’t have to listen to them cry out in pain.

The beagles who do get saved from these laboratories are often scarred for life.  Even after years of love in homes, they still flinch and withdraw from human contact.  And these are the lucky ones.  Most spend their lives being tortured until they are no longer useful, and then they are killed.  Is your makeup worth this?  Your all-purpose cleaner?  Your cold medication?


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In a petition to the University of Washington, Emily Hawks writes:

The University of Washington is proposing to construct a new “state of the art” two-story below-grade animal research facility of approximately 96,000 square feet.  This building is intended to hold innocent animals captive for purposes of experimentation by the Department of Comparative Medicine (DCM) and the Washington National Primate Research Center (WaNPRC).  

Testing on primates and other animals is not only morally repugnant, but has also been widely demonstrated to be a poor predictor of the human reactions it is supposedly intended to simulate.  An article published in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine concluded that most animal experiments are irrelevant to human health and do not contribute meaningfully to medical advancement.  Moreover, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) noted that 92% of drugs that were demonstrated as “successful” in animal tests eventually failed in human trials.  Of the 8% that were approved for human use, 50% were relabeled for side effects that were not found in animal trials.


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Simply put, animal testing is bad science.  Therefore it is neither our right nor our obligation to hold innocent animals captive to perform cruel and unnecessary tests on them.  

The fact that the University of Washington intends to build this facility underground is hugely telling of the immorality of such a structure.  Please sign the petition and send a message to the University of Washington that you do not condone constructing a hidden facility to conduct cruel and unnecessary tests on animal captives.


12.3.14 - Ban Animal Testing3


Let’s end this!  Here are the petitions.  The first one is from PETA, which many people hate because of their hypocrisy regarding bully breeds.  However, they are a huge group and have the best chance of making an impact.  Even if you don’t agree with all of their platforms, this should be one you can see eye to eye on.  Please take a moment to sign.  Based on your computer’s settings, most of these after the second will autofill your information.

Urge the FDA to End Painful Tests on Animals

Require Companies that Test on Animals to Fund Research to Create Alternatives to Using Animals

Stop Plans for Construction of New Animal Research Facility (Emily Hawks’ petition)

Stop Using Huntingdon Life Sciences for Animal Testing (Pharmaceutical biggie AstraZeneca is their top client)

Save the Harlan Beagles

Abolish the Breeding for & Use of Beagles for Animal Experimentation in the UK

Pledge to Boycott Marshall Pet Products – Don’t Support Vivisection

Miss Sporty, Please Rename Your Dishonest Animal Testing Policy


12.3.14 - Ban Animal Testing11


For a complete list of cruelty-free products, CLICK HERE.


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