Life begins anew for the Dalton 7, rescued on Saturday from a dog fighting ring

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Seven dogs that were rescued from a dog fighting ring on the weekend are warming hearts at the South Suburban Humane Society in Chicago.  The dogs, who have been now been nicknamed “the Dolton 7” are doing well though two of them suffered from severe neglect, and one of the dogs will lose an eye.

Each of the dogs will be evaluated and trainers will work to socialize them so that they can eventually be adopted.  Since they were all used for fighting, they are currently dog aggressive and homes will have to be very carefully chosen.  But in spite of their circumstances, the dogs are all very people friendly and loving.  Shelter employees said the dogs were difficult to examine, not because of aggression but because they were so excited that practically wiggled out of control with glee, probably at having compassionate human contact.

A Facebook post from the shelter reads, “I feel grief. The first dog I met from the rescue put his paw on my arm, turned his face towards me and licked my face. The second dog I met crawled into my lap. The third dog I met wagged his tail so hard and wiggled his butt so fiercely that he nearly injured himself to get closer to me. I fell to my knees and sobbed. I stepped outside to cry quietly and to compose myself for the day ahead.”

One of the dogs, Ripley, was at first snarling and growling but within 48 hours of rescue was simply looking for love.  The ASPCA is working hard to end dog fighting, and pit bulls are often the innocent victims because they are strong and extremely loyal.  The Humane Society needs help in the form of donations to help care for these special dogs.  If you can help please visit South Suburban Humane Society and contribute to saving a life.

5 thoughts on “Life begins anew for the Dalton 7, rescued on Saturday from a dog fighting ring”

  1. Just the sad yet hopeful look in this dogs eyes is enough to bring tears to my eyes, and hope to my heart. In a perfect world there would be no dog fighting 🙂

  2. So glad they were rescued; deepest thanks to all who are helping them recover. I grew up in Dolton (decades ago!) and hate seeing my hometown associated with animal abuse.

  3. It’s good that the Humane Society of the United States did not convince the authorities to kill these dogs like they tried to do with the Vick Dogs.

  4. Dogs for some reason just seem to have this natural forgiveness for humans, I don’t understand it, and God knows it most certainly isn’t deserved or warranted. In most cases of animal abuse, the human deserves to have their throat ripped out, but sadly, that would only seal the fate of the dog, in spite of the fact, the dog was only doing what would have been a natural, defensive act. How duplicitous or double dealing we truly are when it comes to animals. It is okay for us to behave in certain ways, but when it comes to animals, they aren’t allowed to behave in the ways nature intended for them to, they must act as we suggest or expect, or we euthanize them aberrant behaviors. Excuse me, but exactly who is behaving aberrantly in this situation? Just a few days ago, we heard of a small town that did a sweep and rounded up all of the dogs that even resembled a Pitt Bull. They took dogs from people who had otherwise been compliant with all of the town’s requirements for owning the breed. There had been no previous warnings, nothing. Shelters and Breed Specific Rescues made mad dashes out of town to deliver their charges out of State No-Kill shelters that would agree to house their dogs. This is sheer madness. It wasn’t in response to some child having their face ripped off by some killer Pit Bull, it wasn’t because a mailman had been attacked and shredded by a Pit Bull on the loose, and in fact, there were no precipitating factors in the roundup whatsoever. The town council simply decided it would be a good time to do it. This when other areas are finally beginning to relax their own breed specific legislation.


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