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Life begins anew for the Dalton 7, rescued on Saturday from a dog fighting ring


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dolton7Seven dogs that were rescued from a dog fighting ring on the weekend are warming hearts at the South Suburban Humane Society in Chicago.  The dogs, who have been now been nicknamed “the Dolton 7” are doing well though two of them suffered from severe neglect, and one of the dogs will lose an eye.

Each of the dogs will be evaluated and trainers will work to socialize them so that they can eventually be adopted.  Since they were all used for fighting, they are currently dog aggressive and homes will have to be very carefully chosen.  But in spite of their circumstances, the dogs are all very people friendly and loving.  Shelter employees said the dogs were difficult to examine, not because of aggression but because they were so excited that practically wiggled out of control with glee, probably at having compassionate human contact.

A Facebook post from the shelter reads, “I feel grief. The first dog I met from the rescue put his paw on my arm, turned his face towards me and licked my face. The second dog I met crawled into my lap. The third dog I met wagged his tail so hard and wiggled his butt so fiercely that he nearly injured himself to get closer to me. I fell to my knees and sobbed. I stepped outside to cry quietly and to compose myself for the day ahead.”

One of the dogs, Ripley, was at first snarling and growling but within 48 hours of rescue was simply looking for love.  The ASPCA is working hard to end dog fighting, and pit bulls are often the innocent victims because they are strong and extremely loyal.  The Humane Society needs help in the form of donations to help care for these special dogs.  If you can help please visit South Suburban Humane Society and contribute to saving a life.