Life With Dogs, Keebali Media Announce Strategic Partnership

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BURLINGTON, VT July 28, 2012 — After a year of unprecedented growth, the world’s largest and most trusted source of dog news and information today announced a merger with Keebali Media. Headquartered in Vermont, Life With Dogs and its sister site, Life With Cats, will both benefit from the support of Keebali’s substantial infrastructure.

Founder Neil Brogan said the partnership will allow him to focus on higher level issues that merit additional attention: adoption initiatives, advocacy campaigns and strategic partnerships. “Our readers have very high expectations, and I love that. They hold me accountable, and in order to meet their expectations we needed to find support for daily operations that began to consume every spare minute of my time,” he said.

“Dog lovers will benefit from our new partnership in the coming months as added features and expanded content topics make it into the mix,” said Brogan. “It’s been immensely rewarding to reach this level of acceptance in the pet community, but our expanded audience means that as one man, I am no longer able to meet the daily demands of the business, and this merger will allow us to meet the needs of our growing audience – and the site.”

In a Friday interview, Brogan said the merger will allow Life With Dogs to bring on a team of full time contributors and editorial staff, a change that will support the continued growth of the site and the community that supports it.

“In 2012 and beyond, our content will be distributed to new channels and markets previously untapped, and our community will only benefit from the expanded reach as a world of dog lovers unite in a common cause: a fervent and continued celebration of dog greatness.”

About Life With Dogs: With over a million monthly visitors, Life With Dogs is the world’s most trusted source of dog news and information. A community fan page with more than 350,000 members drives daily discussions of dog related topics of importance to the pet community, and fans often unite to promote animal welfare, facilitate adoptions, or share personal rescue stories and photographs.

About Keebali
: Founded in 2007, Keebali partners with website owners to grow and develop their sites building on the company’s expertise in community development, SEO, and web development.

11 thoughts on “Life With Dogs, Keebali Media Announce Strategic Partnership”

  1. Congratulations, you’re really big time now! Just don’t forget to keep us connected to Nigel, Sola and Miss Truffels!!

  2. Congratulations on the exciting new partnership, and Best Wishes for continued success with this amazing site! AND thanks for all you do on behalf of dogs!

  3. Congratulations Brogan Pack, it was only a matter of time before LifeWithDogs would expand into such an internet force to be reckoned with.

    Great job Neil, best of luck with your merger and a special thanks from someone who has followed your site from the very beginning!

  4. Yay for you! Big Congrats. I have followed your site from the beginning and it has become a daily ritual.

  5. What exciting news! Of course we all know who masterminded this endeavour, well done Nigel Buggers :p


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