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12.6.14 - Missing Pet - Tell Us! 2


Hundreds of pets go missing every day in the US.  Owners make fliers and hang them up in their towns and post them on various online sources.  With so many fans around the world, we’d like to be one of those sources to give people the best chance of getting their pet home.

Many of us on Facebook have liked rescues and local groups dedicated to helping lost pets make their way home, but dogs and cats are capable of traveling far beyond those bounds.  I know how it feels to have pets go missing, and I’d never wish that heartbreak on anyone.

When my family moved from one town to another, my mom’s big black Casanova kitty, Balboa, decided he liked his old neighborhood better and took off.  She looked for him many times, but he never came back.  One of my dogs, Muscles, was returned to me after spending a bitterly cold January night outside.  But my beloved squirrely mutt Hagar, who disappeared when I was six, was never seen by my family again.  He may have been hit by a car, or he may have been taken in by a family who loved him.  We always hoped for the latter, but not knowing the truth has always been difficult.

I’ve seen how so many pets are returned home now more than ever before, thanks to microchipping and post sharing on Facebook.  A missing pet’s poster can be easily overlooked on a light pole, but can be shared hundreds of times online in just a few hours.  The reach is much farther, and can reach an animal’s destination long before they do, allowing people to keep an eye out.

So I’ve decided that I’d like to do two weekly posts:  one for lost animals, and one for found animals.  Continue to share on your local sites, of course, because most pets don’t get too far before they are found, but for pets that have been missing for a long time and may even be out of state by now, we can help reach people who might not realize that their neighbor’s new dog or cat is your missing family member!

If your dog or cat is missing, please email me at [email protected].  Type “LOST” in the title, and attach a flier (preferably a jpg) that says “Lost” or “Stolen” at the top, includes a clear photo (or two – face and full body) of your pet, their name (and nicknames), where they are missing from and/or were last seen, the full date they went missing, any distinguishable features (unique markings, a limp, a scar, etc.), and a contact phone number or email address.

If you have found a dog or cat, get a good photo or two of them, then make a flier that says “Found” at the top, and below the photo include your contact information, basic location, and full date the animal was found.  Email the flier (preferably in jpg format) to [email protected].

Together we can help get dearly loved animals back where they belong.  Please share this message with others so they will know to come here for help.