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Lifeboat Rescues Dog Stranded on Reef

by Katherine

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A female Golden Labrador and her owner were out for a walk in Sea Palling, Norfolk, UK, when the curious pup entered the water and was carried out to sea by the tide. The worried pet owner thought her dog would not be found alive, but miraculously the pet was found alive, atop a reef.

When the pet was taken by the tide, kayakers attempted to locate the dog but were unsuccessful. A nearby lifeboat from  the The Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) took on the task to find and rescue the pet. Fortunately they did.

RNLI members rescue dog from cold waters,
RNLI members rescue dog from cold waters,


It seems that even though the tide’s current was strong enough to push the dog into deeper waters, the Labrador was smart enough to swim to safety. She clung to her life and climbed onto a reef in the middle of the tide.

The dog was shivering from the cold water temperatures but she was alive waiting for a helping hand to come to her rescue.

RNLI rescuers approached the reef and one of the team members climbed onto the reef to rescue the dog. He was able to place the scared dog onto his boat and paddle back to shore where a worried but relieved owner was waiting for her beloved pet.

Once safe on shore, the pet was dried, covered and warmed up with a blanket.

She is on lucky dog!

The rescue was captured in the following video.