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Recycling Workers save “Garbage” Pup

by Katherine

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When San Francisco Recology staff members went to work on Friday, Dec. 20, 2013, the last thing they thought they would find among the piles of recycling material they sort through on a daily base was a puppy, but against all odds, a 10-month-old Apricot Poodle was saved from dying on the recycling plant’s automatic conveyor belt that leads to a landfill.

According to workers, the puppy was found because the bag she was in started to move on its own.

Gem. Photo Credit: Animal Care and Control
Gem. Photo Credit: Animal Care and Control


“We could tell the puppy was still moving and it was trying to crawl out of the bag itself,” Recology material handler Gregory Foster told KTVU News. “Luckily we stopped the line in time before it actually fell off the belt into the pit.”

Immediately the recycling plant came to a halt and workers rescued the pup from its death.

San Francisco Animal Care and Control were called and officers came to collect the small dog.

The “garbage” pup was named Gem and she was taken back to Animal Control where veterinarians examined her. It appears Gem has multiple wounds on her neck, consistent with dog bites. She also suffered injuries to her hind legs and there was discharge coming out of her ears.

It is not clear how Gem was hurt, but it is clear that she was abused and deliberately disposed of.

Authorities are encouraging anyone with information regarding Gem’s abuser(s) to come forward. Please contact San Francisco Animal Care and Control at (415) 554-9400.

Gem is now on the road to recovery.