Little Bear’s Story: Tiny Dog Clings to Life and Recovers

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When California-based animal rescue organization Marley’s Mutts met Little Bear this past March, they were unsure if the small, chocolate color dog would make it, but they were determined to help the pet survive and find him a loving forever home.

Little Bear was surrendered to a high-kill shelter in Kern County, Calif., he had been the victim of a dog attack by his canine house mate on multiple occasions. The day he was surrendered, the tiny dog had been mauled and suffered from severe puncture wounds. His owners couldn’t afford his treatment and believed the only and best option for this sweet, injured canine, was to relinquish him to a shelter.

Fortunately for the canine, the shelter’s policy is not to accept an injured pet, and when Little Bear was brought in, Zach Skow from Marley’s Mutts was present and saved the pet’s life by welcoming him to Marley’s Mutts rescue program.

Photo Credit: Marley's Mutts
Photo Credit: Marley’s Mutts


“He had 10+ serious puncture wounds and his entire body was bruised, swollen and lacerated,” posted Marley’s Mutts on their site. “His wounds were older than we had originally thought, infected, and so numerous. We had to take it slow with Little Bear and his wound repair.”

The dog was transferred to VCA West Los Angeles where Dr. Cabrera and Dr. MacDonald came up with a medical plan to help the tiny dog heal. He’s was put on IV fluids, pain medications and strong antibiotics for several days, and after the pet gained some strength he was scheduled for surgery, where large patches of dead tissue were removed.

Thanks to Marley’s Mutts, their dedicated followers and donors called Mutt Militia, and the VCA West Los Angeles vet team, Little Bear has made a remarkable recovery and is now looking for his forever home.

If you’re interested in adoption Little Bear please fill out an adoption application at


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  1. @ Anoynmous…I have been following this story from the start and nowhere has it ever confirmed what kind of dog the attacker was…nor does it matter. This dog was attacked and hurt because of the owners responsibility. Period. Breed has nothing to do it…please leave stereotypes out of it. This story is about a resilient little dog who was given a second chance by an amazing rescue group (Marley Mutts rocks!)…so let’s focus not the positive, please!

  2. A friend of a friend confirmed it was a pitbull that attacked this dog. Not sure why I got the thumbs down, I didn’t make any comments either way. I just stated a fact. Why would that get a thumbs down?

  3. Thank you to all who helped save this precious dog. Obviously God, has greater things planned for Bear:-D 😀 n i hope n pray he NEVER HAS TO ENDURE ANYTHING BUT PURE LOVE O:-) O:-) O:-) O:-)


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