Rescue Pit Bull Helps Other Rescue Dogs Get Ready for Adoption

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When Mia Anelli saved an abandoned Pit bull she named Cher, she never imagined this dog would be essential in her charity’s mission to help save and get other rescue dogs ready for adoption. The Pit bull proved difficult to place in a forever home – there were four attempts and all four times she was returned – but ever since settling with Anelli, the former shelter dog took on a new roll. She became surrogate mother, dog trainer, and rescue healer for other dogs.



Cher was rescued in 2010 from a high-kill shelter in California. She never had puppies of her own but she has a natural motherly instinct that helps comfort and guide young pets Insight Animal Rescue saves form area shelters, and gets them ready for adoption.

“I had no idea she would respond the way she did,” said Anelli. “Maybe it’s because she too is a rescue and she feels that connection or maybe it’s her way of being the mom she never was. Either way, I know the pups we rescue appreciate a loving lick and understanding paw pat on the head when they first get out of the shelter.”


Insight Animal Rescue takes in dogs that may otherwise be overlooked at large city shelters. Through the help of donations, the charity covers all medical costs its rescue dogs require to get healthy and ready for adoption, and through socialization and Cher’s help, the pets learn how to be more confident and playful. The rescue Pit bull is essential in increasing the rescue pets’ chances at getting to their forever homes. She helps them heal and learn there are loving humans in this world they can trust.



No one imagined that a broken and abandoned shelter dog would ever be an ambassador and an essential team member in the dog rescue world, but Cher is just another example than even unwanted Pit bulls, abandoned at shelters, have plenty of love to give and they too can become the perfect pets for any home.