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Little Boy and Dog Rescued After Falling into Well

by Fred

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A 4-year-old boy and a dog were rescued after falling down a well in Mississippi late Monday Evening.  Both the dog and the boy are in good medical condition, but are a little bit shaken up by their ordeal.

Local news outlets reported that the boy was puled out of the well at about 8 pm last night, and the dog was pulled out minutes later.  Clifford Galey, civil defense director for Lincoln County, told news outlets that the well is about 25 feet deep, with an opening only a foot and a half wide at the top.

“He’s cold, he’s dirty, and he’s hungry,” Galey said.  “And we promised him a ride on a fire truck, and we’re going to give that to him before we leave here tonight.”

The dog is thought to have been in the well for a considerably longer time.  It’s thought that the reason the little boy went near the well in the first place, was because he heard the dog barking and went to investigate.

At first, a rope was lowered down the well for the boy to grab onto, but the attempt was unsuccessful, as the boy didn’t have the upper body strength to hold on through the extraction.  Eventually, the boy managed to get the rope around himself, and was pulled out.  A harness of a sort was made from the rope as well, and that is what was used to get the dog out.

“I just can’t say enough about what everybody did to get this little boy out of that well safe,” Galey said.  “The most important thing is, the child is in good shape right now.”