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Local Woman Gets Down and Dirty to Rescue Dog

by Katherine

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For over a week animal control officers had been trying to capture a stray sheltie running loose near Micke Grove Park, in Lodi, Calif., but all rescue attempts had failed. Luckily, Paula Fabionar, a local woman and animal lover, successfully rescued the dog using lots of patience, positive energy, food, and another dog to gain the stray’s trust.

Fabionar could not stand knowing the stray was alone and in need. She took it upon herself to rescue the dog. Fabionar crawled under barbed wire and used Emily, a 12-year-old Yorkshire terrier she had been fostering, to show the stray she meant no harm.

Pauly prior to being rescued. Photo Credit: Animal Friends Connection Humane Society/Facebook
Pauly prior to being rescued. Photo Credit: Animal Friends Connection Humane Society/Facebook

According to a Facebook post by the Animal Friends Connection Humane Society, Fabionar went out to where the sheltie had last been seen, crawled under a barb wire fence and laid down in the dirt. She placed Emily on her belly and waited for the sheltie to come close to them.

For 5 long minutes, the sheltie barked at Emily and Fabionar, but slowly the dog came close to sniff Emily

Fabionar had also placed some wet cat food on her fingers to entice the hungry dog to come forward.

While the sheltie hesitantly licked Fabionar’s fingers, the local woman moved slowly, and rubbed the stray’s ears. The hero rescuer then gently placed a slip leash over the dog’s head securing the pet.

Once the stray was secured it was taken to a veterinarian for a checkup. The dog has been named Pauly in honored of his rescuer. Unfortunately there was no micro chip implanted and no one has come forward to claim the dog.

Pauly is being fostered by Fabionar and he loves to play with his foster sister Emily.

If you are interested in learning more about Pauly or any other dog Animal Friends Connection Humane Society currently cares for, contact the organization at