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Thirty Dogs Rescued from Squalor

by Katherine

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Animal rescuers from Soledad, Calif., were shocked with the living conditions in which they found 30 dogs. The home the pets lived in was piled-up high with garbage and the innocent animals suffered from fleas, skin infections and matted fur. All dogs were covered in their own urine and feces and were in dire need of rescue.

Photo Credit: Monterey County SPCA
Photo Credit: Monterey County SPCA

“The house was so horrifically cluttered with junk piles, that the hallways were actually made of clutter,” Monterey County SPCA Community Outreach Director Beth Brookhouser told NBC Bay Area. “The dogs had to make tunnels to get through.”

The discovery was made on Saturday October 19, 2013, after an anonymous tip came in and Animal Control officers were dispatched to the location to investigate.

After arriving, officers discovered 11 dogs and 10 puppies in need of rescue. Two days later officers approached the location armed with a search warrant and they found nine other neglected dogs.

Most of the rescued pets are Chihuahuas, rat terriers and Shih Tzus. All pets were taken to the SPCA center to receive veterinary care.

Officers are now building a case to charge the owners of the property with animal cruelty, abuse and neglect.