London the Double Amputee Pit Bull Pup: Happy, Loving Dog at Play

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“London is doing PHENOMENALLY!!”

Amanda Giese of Panda Paws Rescue in Vancouver, WA wrote us last night to share the above quick update on London and to send the photos you see here. London is the sweet young pittie who suffered injury and neglect after falling from a window and who came into Amanda’s care when a CA shelter contacted her to save him from Death Row. London’s front legs could not be saved and were amputated two weeks ago. For more on London at LWD, click HERE.

Two videos, uploaded on Monday and Tuesday respectively, show how the happy boy is truly doing phenomenally well after his surgery in the joyously supportive environment provided by his caretakers.

London’s progress can be followed at his Team London the 2 Legged Pit Bull Facebook page.


London Day 12.


Tug-of-War and a little dancing.


8 thoughts on “London the Double Amputee Pit Bull Pup: Happy, Loving Dog at Play”

  1. Simply stunning , absolutly blessed to have such a family . Please keep updates going and thanks again

  2. What a beautiful, brave boy. He’s made me laugh, he’s made me cry. His bravery is beyond words. Bullies are the daftest and most loving dogs out there, still miss mine after 7 years. The look of sheer joy on London’s face, seeing that tail wagging with complete abandon, who could fail to be moved? Thank you so much to those taking such fantastic care of him. Most would have euthanized, but look at what they’d have missed out on! xx

  3. Brave and cool dog for sure….but what courage and bravery on your part for taking such a huge responsibility on. Above and beyond just being a dog lover, you two have such compassion and love. This dog London has no idea how lucky he is….or maybe he does…

  4. Just awesome!!! It’s very moving to watch these videos!!!cant believe the strength and drive in that dog!! I cry every time. Keep up the good work and god bless London!!!ps keep the videos coming

  5. What a heartwarming story. London is such a lucky boy to have a wonderful loving family now.

    I pray the worst possible punishement on his abusers.

    I ADORE the picture of London with the lipstick kisses too!


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