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Lost Dog Catches Ride in Police Car and Finds Her Owners

by Katherine

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On September 29, 2014, a small black-and-white terrier dog was found roaming the parking lot of a police station in Brighton, Mich. After the pet hitchhiked a ride in a police car, the lucky pooch found its way home.

Photo Credit: Michigan State Police
Photo Credit: Michigan State Police


The small, female dog was found wearing a collar but no ID tags. The puppy used her cute puppy eyes to wiggle herself into the hearts of many of the officers present at the station. Officers played with the dog and nicknamed  her “Thor”  while they looked for her owners.

Rhonda Cole, the station’s secretary, and an officer jumped on a squad car with the dog and drove around nearby homes asking residents if the found puppy belong to any of them, but unfortunately no one knew “Thor” or who she belonged to.

Cole then decided to call area animal hospitals to see if anyone had called looking for a lost dog. When the secretary reached the Town and Country Animal Hospital in Brighton Township, she learned someone was looking for a dog matching Thor’s description.

Thor’s real name was Kia and soon after the call to the pet clinic, the little lady was escorted back to her home.