Lost Dog Found Seven Years Later and 1,800 Miles Away from Home

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Seven years ago, the unthinkable happened to Dinah Miller in Tyler, Texas. She lost her beloved Maltese dog named Reese. She searched and searched for her pet but after months of looking and not finding her dog, she simply gave up. This past July, Miller got the surprise of her life when an animal shelter in Tacoma, Wash., called to tell her they had her dog.

“We cannot believe it, we just can’t believe it,” Miller told WFAA News.


Reese got lost when someone inadvertently left a door open and he got away. He was found on the side of a busy road in Washington State and taken to the shelter. When scanned for a microchip one was found, and tanks to that Miller was reunited with her beloved pet.

Tisha Reed, Miller’s daughter, told KHOU News they have no idea how the little dog traveled 1,800 mile to Tacoma, but they are delighted to have him back home.

Thanks to dedicated United Airlines flight attendants and area rescue groups, the white fluffy dog boarded a plane and flew back home.

Welcome home Reese!

29 thoughts on “Lost Dog Found Seven Years Later and 1,800 Miles Away from Home”

  1. Is this the same dog that was in the news.? That was adopted (from a shelter) by a family in TX that moved to Washington. Was a part of there family for over 5 years.
    If so if she really loved the dog she would let him go back to the family he knows. A little girl is missing him.

  2. Thank goodness for microchips!! Whoever had him for seven years should be ashamed they never had him scanned!!!

    • I know! From what I’ve garnered, this dog was adopted out by a rescue in Texas. No one bothered to scan the dog? Not likely. But it was a cute Maltese and I bet they got $400 or so when they sold him. Then the new family never took him to the vet? Or the vet never scanned him? Possibly….I had to ask for my dog to be scanned! You never know, so I checked! I think this was a case of someone who wanted money for this cute dog!


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